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Swiss Patek Philippe Replica and the Moon. Swiss Patek Philippe Replica and the Moon. The brand also has a close relationship with the oceans. Swiss Patek Philippe Replica's first dive watch, the Marine, was introduced in 1932. The first diving watch to be sold commercially in the entire world was this watch. This design was characterized by a removable dubble case made of pure gold or precious metal. The little watch was hailed as the most water-resistant diving timepiece ever created. Swiss Patek Philippe Replica tested it in the Geneva lake at a depth 73 meters,Best Replica Watches and Swiss Laboratory for Watch Research tested it on an artificial depth 135 meters. Swiss Patek Philippe Replica's relationship with water is still strong today, as the brand continues to produce water-ready timepieces.

James Bond, who was a dangerous agent in 1955, wore the Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Seamaster on one of his missions. Pierce Brosnan wore a Seamaster Diver 300m for GoldenEye, and Daniel Craig wore a Seamaster in Spectre. The Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Seamaster has been around much longer than James Bond. It was introduced in 1948 as part of Swiss Patek Philippe Replica's centennial celebrations and is still the longest-running collection produced by the brand. Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Seamasters' first models were dress watches with some water resistance. In 1957, the modern diving watches was born.

Seamaster 300. Swiss Patek Philippe Replica's first dive watch was the Seamaster 300. The 'Marine' was already worn around the wrist by several pioneering divers such as William Beebe and Yves Le Prieur on their way to explore the depths of the ocean.Today the most popular Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Seamaster models are the Seamaster 'Aqua Terra',Rolex GMT Master Replica the Seamaster 'Planet Ocean' and the Seamaster 'Professional'.Discover our selection of Swiss Patek Philippe Replica diving watches below.